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Hessian fabric, also known as burlap, has a rich history and diverse range of applications. Originating from the historic region of Hesse in Germany, hessian is a coarse woven fabric, traditionally made from jute fibers. Its rough texture and durable nature make it a versatile material with both practical and aesthetic uses.One of the primary characteristics of hessian fabric is its strength. The coarse weave provides a sturdy foundation, making… Read more
We have some exciting news to share!Prestige Wholesale Fabrics buy out TMG Wholesale Fabrics. The Mute Guys Wholesale was a small family run business established in the early 20th century. Prestige Wholesale Fabrics saw the potential to increase the product offering and expand product portfolio to our global customers. All TMG fabric stock will now be available directly from our online website and throughout our ret… Read more
Rose and Hubble cotton fabrics are renowned for their quality and diverse designs, making them a popular choice in the realm of textile enthusiasts and crafters. Let's explore what sets Rose and Hubble cotton fabrics apart: 1. **Quality and Craftsmanship:**  Rose and Hubble are synonymous with quality. Their cotton fabrics are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a superior product that meets high standards. This c… Read more

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